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About Us

Krav Maga Kapap Brno was established with a substantial support from the International Kapap Association based in Israel, Krav Maga Liven International and the Slovak Krav Maga – Kapap Association, which played an important part in the training of instructors.

Krav Maga Kapap Brno became member of and represents the Czech Republic in the following organizations: International Kapap Association Israel, International Kapap Union, Kapap Europe, International Protection Academy, Krav Maga Liven International, Krav Maga Combat System, International Bodyguard Academy, S.A.A.T. - International of Security and Anti-Terrorism, World Academy of Martial Arts.

Krav Maga - Kapap Brno, Sebeobrana - Krav Maga Plzeň, Krav Maga - Kapap Prostějov, and Krav Maga - Kapap Vyškov work under the umbrella of the Krav Maga Kapap Brno.

Chief Instructor

Miloš Tupý
Born in 1953
Address: Brno, Czech Republic
Charles University graduate, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, specialization in Martial Arts
1st level instructor
President and Chief Instructor of the Krav Maga Kapap Brno
Club: Krav Maga - Kapap Brno
Traditional karate instructor (Shotokan), instructor in many international associations such as International Kapap Association (Level C), Krav Maga Combat System International, International Academy Of Security And Anti-Terrorism (Level 1 Gold) and others

“Anyone can learn Krav Maga – young and old, men and women, regardless of their physical condition. And very fast. Of course, the longer they practice, the better students they are,” says Miloš Tupý. And he knows what he’s talking about. For the many years he has been active as an instructor, he taught hundreds and hundreds of self-defence novices from absolute beginners to top professionals getting prepared for risky missions not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad.

How did Miloš Tupý get to the hand-to-hand combat, as Krav Maga is translated? Like most others – through sports. Body building, among others. “When I first came to the karate training, my first teacher told me that the bulging muscles were quite worthless. He was right. However, I was so impressed by karate that I quit everything else.”

Miloš still feels strong love for karate, which is also a hard lot. In his early sixties, he practices almost every day, and sometimes “enjoys” triple training portions with teaching Krav Maga. As he says, he trains also in the lift on the way to work. He is not exaggerating. And the result? Eighth Dan in the traditional Shotokan karate. For the uninitiated, the highest degree one can reach in karate is the tenth Dan.

Apart from the “rank”, karate has another effect, maybe a more important one. Excellent physical fitness. Mental discipline. Ethical maturity. Especially if one is engaged in traditional karate like Miloš rather than sport competitions.

Although many Krav Maga schools and courses have emerged recently, good instructors with such practice and enthusiasm like Miloš Tupý has are pretty scarce.